Product Description

Forming St Steel Laundry Trolleys

Cloth Hangers Push Carts

Swimming Pool Linen Collector Cart

Canvas Bag Trolley

Green Canvas M Steel Cart

Laundry Trolley

3 in 1 Canvas Compartment


Blue Canvas M Steel Cart

3 Compartments Blue Canvas Carts

Linen Storage Trolleys

Forming St Steel Linen Trolley

Foldable Canvas Bag Cart

PVC Canvas Bag M Steel Cart

Canvas Bags Push Cart

St. Steel Framework

Stainless Steel Laundry Trolleys

Cloth Hangers Push Cart

1200mm – 1800mm

Stainless Steel Housekeeping Linen Trolley

St Steel Laundry Trolleys

Linen Cage Trolleys

G.I Wire mesh c/w Epoxy Powder Coated

S/Steel Cloth Hanging Push Cart

1800mm x 609mm x 1727mm Ht

S/Steel Cloth Hanging Push Trolley


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