Product Description

Boutique Renovation Works

Construct Mezzanine Floor

Layout Mezzanine Floor Platforms

Load Tested Rigging Steel Rag Shelves

Carpentry Works

Carpentry Works – Built In Furniture

Rigging Decorative Lamps

Display Glass Shelves Racks

Cruise Crew bar Renovation

Wooden Flooring

Crew Bar Counter

Crew Bar L Shape Lighting Table

Renovation Work In Progress

Fixing LED lighting

Lighting Effect Testing

Crew bar Wooden Flooring

Crew bar Furniture

Segregation Recycle Garbage Bins

Upholstery Red Sofa

Printed Wallpaper

Fixing Japanese Sushi Counter

Stainless Steel Cladding Works

Fixing Free Standing Barricade Baluster

Fixed Up Wall mount Clothing Hanging Bars

Glossy Gold Stainless Steel Racks

Wall mount Clothing Bars + Free Standing Clothing Racks

Glossy Gold Skirting Cladding Works

Glossy Gold Stainless Steel Cladding

Boutique Renovation Work in Progress

Forming works

Prefabricate Grille Doors at Factory

Sliding Grille Doors

Grille Fencing

Forming up at Shopping Mall

Fixing Up the Booth

Decorative Fencing

Sliding Grille with Glass Panels

Metal Cage Sliding Glass Grille

Metal Cage


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