Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering Malaysia

Looking for a reliable, quick-turn supplier of machining works in Malaysia? With hundreds of CNC machines, our unmatched in-house capacity ensures your parts are shipped on time, every single time. At Logam, our machining works are designed for both rapid prototyping and low-volume production of end-use components.


Kejuruteraan Logam Seberang was created in 1981, a company that specializes in metal, stainless steel, and wood craftwork engineering fabrication, servicing and maintenance of maritime cruise ships, and designing and producing furniture and equipment. Since our inception, we have worked hard to provide our clients with a comprehensive choice of reliable, long-lasting, and safe goods.

What is Marine Engineering Malaysia?

Marine engineering Malaysia is the design and construction of boats, ships, submarines, and other marine vessels. It is also used here to refer to the engineering of other ocean systems and structures, referred to as "ocean engineering" in some academic and professional circles. At Logam, we design, create, and install bespoke items using various dependable materials and high-speed delivery to guarantee your components arrive on time, safely, and with the finest quality.

What is the difference between Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Malaysia?

These two professions have numerous parallels because they are both engineering specialties that deal with engineering in the ocean. However, the two majors differ in terms of content. The field of naval architecture is concerned with the design of ships and ship systems. On the other hand, other structures and systems in or near the ocean, such as offshore platforms, underwater submersibles, coastal structures, and other ocean systems and ocean environmental engineering systems, are dealt with by Marine Engineering Malaysia. As a major marine engineering firm in Malaysia, we supply a comprehensive range of ship components such as engines, cabins, refrigeration, safety, security, and many other vital components.

Why is Marine Engineering Malaysia important?

There are various reasons why marine engineering is so essential in Malaysia. Ships transport much of the world's commerce, whether it's oil or other valuable cargo. If any of these ships experience technological difficulties, it is critical that professionals are on standby to resolve any concerns. Furthermore, marine engineers contribute to the safety of their country. Many marine engineers collaborate with their governments to aid in the creation, construction, and maintenance of military boats such as aircraft carriers, ocean survey vessels, and submarines.

What are the benefits of investing in Marine Engineering Malaysia?

  • Constant and continuous maintenance

    Everyone is aware that transportation requires routine maintenance. They require maintenance, which includes everything from monthly checks to repairs and even a new paint job. Marine engineering Malaysia professionals will be required to assist with aboard ship repairs and upkeep. A ship's upkeep is expensive, yet it is required. If you want to run a long-term business with constant earnings, it's a good idea to keep the ship running.

  • Offshore and marine safety is especially imperative

    Marine engineering Malaysia is also in charge of monitoring a boat's safety. Accidents on boats, such as boat fires and engine malfunctions, are rarely discussed. Boaters and ship operators frequently assume that nothing unpleasant will happen onboard. They are, however, completely incorrect. They completely overlooked the fact that anything might happen even while the vessels are parked or berthed. As a result, having a marine engineer on board to assist maintain the ship is ideal.

What tasks does marine engineering Malaysia involve?

A marine engineer's principal responsibilities often include the design, construction, and maintenance of ships and boats. We must be able to make everything function, from computers to crankshafts, air conditioning to refrigerators, doors to windshield wipers. At Logam, we have a team of qualified marine engineers that can identify and solve problems. We provide services and solutions that enable the smooth operation of your business at a reasonable cost.