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Kejuruteraan Logam Seberang Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Penang, Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 on January 1981. The Company registration number (148839-A) 198501016381 it was formerly registered as Syarikat Logam Engineering with a primary objective of investments into fabrication works, industrial goods trading and services oriented activities.


Our principal activities can be defined as design, fabricate, installation of tailor made products by adopting various types of materials.




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How do stainless steel fabricators work?


The grade of stainless steel is classified as any steel with a total chromium content of at least 10.5%. The distinguishing characteristic of stainless steel is its resistance to oxidation, also known as rust.


However, stainless steel does not suffer from the problems common corrosion and paint deterioration that the cast iron and low-alloy steel does, which often occurs in air exposure, making it a valuable commodity to metallurgists, metal fabricators, and even stone carvers.


A typical example of this is your residential metal gates which are nearly always plated with stainless steel. It is available in several varieties, such as tubes, bars, wire, plates, and even discs and sheets, which can be employed in a variety of kitchen devices as well as in handguns.


The one benefit of stainless steel that is almost universal is that it can be recovered in its entirety and used to manufacture products that don’t need strength, toughness, or corrosion. the demand for stainless steel’s versatility and the many other qualities has contributed to its widespread use in a diverse array of industries.


Steel has been forged with the expectation of being useful in several applications, and hence there are multiple fabrication processes created to suit its use. For the most part, stainless steel is used in two distinct ways: The first group of expandable components includes heavy industrial production for things like bridges and large construction equipment.


Even in the automotive, furniture, or plumbing, smaller-scale production methods include lighter construction, including moulding, press forging, press moulding, and sump pumps. The Stainless Steel work performed here is for moulding, stamping, cutting, and bending with a laser.


Hardening, casting, though difficult, is a commonly used method for making certain steels pliable to successfully.[Embr]In some cases, hardening steels may be run through die orifice devices and forced into moulds.


In the more general use, steel products are most frequently moulded into channels or angles and then rolled into various shapes for construction purposes. The rigid or semi-rigid thermoplastic enclosure can be moulded into braces, enclosures, frames, grills, cabinets, and other conditions as well.

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