Car Park Shelter




Car Park Shelter

Low cost Awning – Car park

Cantilever Steel Frames Car Parks

Cantilever Steel Frame Car Parks

Cantilever Steel Frame Car Park

Floor Marking

Forming Steel Framework

Fixing Bungalow Unit Car Park Structure

Hot Dip Galvanizing Steel Frames

Forming – Cantilever Steel Frame

Forming – Cantilever Steel Frame

Full Welding Cantilever Steel Frame

Reinforcement Concrete Footing

Ground beam + Concrete Footing

Concrete Footing

Double Components Marine Primer coating

Spray 3rd layer Finishing Paint

Fixing Cantilever Steel Frames

Fixing Wiremesh

Cross Bracing Supports Cantilever Steel Frame

Wiremesh Top for Plants Creeping

Plants Intercross Creeping on Cables

Forming – Cantilever Steel Frame

Cantilever Steel Framework

Bungalow Unit – Car Park


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